Friday, August 21, 2015

New Audio Book: The Christmas Beau

FaytheWorks Publishing
Audiobook 2015

Christmas is still a few months away, but for me it's always a pleasure to hear a sweet holiday romance. And this year God has blessed me to produce my first audiobook for the story, The Christmas Beau. So many readers have been very supportive with the eBook version over the years and I pray the same, well, even better for my new audiobook. Through the links listed here, you can get this new audiobook for free! If you are a regular audiobook listener (or even a first time listener) and want to add my book to your library for free, just click here: or (an Amazon company). For Apple users the audiobook is also available for sale on iTunes.

Now, to get this audiobook for free, you will have to join Audible, but this membership is also free for thirty (30) days. The retail cost of the audiobook is $14.95 ($13.08 on Amazon), but with the Audible membership it’s free for the first month. You can cancel at any time. Sounds like a deal to me! Besides, to offer the audiobook for free helps others to find out that my work exists. There’s a sea full of authors, some good and some bad, why don’t we share the stories that actually make sense and support our Christian faith, right?

I have prayed to God for more Christian works to saturate the entertainment market. It’s sad that horror movies and shows laden with profanity get so much publicity while some Christian books, movies, and shows fade into the background. With so many professed Christians in the world we should unite and support works that reflect our faith.

Thanks in advance for supporting this new venture of mine!  I appreciate the love and support shown to me over the years and greatly appreciate the overwhelming support of my last release, Once Upon a Sunday, published Easter weekend. All I can say is that God is good!

Again, thank you for the love and support. I pray God’s best for you…