Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back to Basics...


I pray all is well. I am sending this message after years of inactivity. I wanted to invite everyone who had originally been apart of this group to join my blog here and at entitled In His Name. Also, I wanted to apologize for my absence in the writing world. I allowed distraction and procrastination to take control...completely ridiculous as I look back.

I wanted to take the time to express that years ago when I attempted to write the third installment to the then entitled Quest Trilogy, now known as the Fiery Furnace series, all I completed was some of the prep work, but never applied it to actually begin writing. I apologize to those who inquired about my work for patient and so kind. Thank you.

To date, I have updated my website at (which has more detailed information), completed reading and reworking the first two novels and written a portion of The Eleventh Hour. I am very happy that I took the first few steps and hope to have the novel completed by the first part of 2010. Not sure when it will be published, but I will let everyone know.

I will only post on this newsletter blog periodically (my next post is scheduled for January 2010), but please feel free to reply or comment as you see fit. I welcome questions, concerns, and suggestions. I plan on interviewing some other authors and entrepreneurs who have inspired me to start back where I am. I hope that you will join me as I begin my journey again...

I thank God for rekindling my passion to write and hope to hear from you all soon.

Also, during my absence...I got married! God is so good. My new name is Renee McCoy, but for writing purposes, I will be using Renee Allen McCoy.

In His Name,

Renee Allen McCoy