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It's All About God

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven,” Matthew 5:16.

Everything we do ought to point back to God. He is the reason why we are here, the reason why we have life. The reason why we were created is to praise and worship God. As we celebrate Mother’s Day amongst other personal triumphs we have in life, let us not forget about Who makes it all possible. We collectively celebrated His Resurrection a couple weeks ago, and praises for what was accomplished on the Cross is reason enough to praise Him every day of our lives.

Family members graduating from college or high school, in some cases, pre-school, ought not to supersede our excitement of crossing the threshold into the Kingdom of God. There are nice accomplishments here on Earth, but our foremost focus should be on things above: Heaven. So, as we celebrate our mothers, grandmothers, and other mothers, let us not forget about the One who lent them to us: God.

In this issue, I introduce Christian author, Myra Rutledge. We connected online and I am pleased to announce her upcoming novel, Souls Harbor. I’ve only read the teaser thus far, but I’m sure the book will deliver a message that indeed directs us to the Lord. Look for my review later on In His Name Book Club this summer.

Introducing Christian Author, Myra Rutledge 

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Author Myra Rutledge
Myra Rutledge is a Christian writer and the author of the self-published inspirational poetry book, A Powerful Woman. Myra is a life-long resident of Birmingham, Alabama, where her love for creative arts began in the local schools. But it was not until she gave her life to Christ that He enhanced her gifts of singing and writing.

In past years, Myra has also sung in local stage productions and has even filmed a commercial, lending her voice as one of three Saving Graces. And she has worked creatively in the Drama Ministry at Church. The upcoming book, Souls Harbor, is her first novel.

In a recent interview, Myra provided more insight into her world of writing. In her words:

SUN: How did your literary career begin?

RUTLEDGE: My career as a writer began in church in the late eighties. Although I had been writing all my life, it wasn’t until I participated in the drama ministry that my gift of writing was developed. During this time, I was born-again and received the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I wrote original skits, poetry, and produced a play, “Flames of Another Trial,” that was well received by the masses. I’ve written another play, “Juvenile Status,” but I have yet to produce this one. My inspiration comes from church; whether it’s the pastor’s sermons, the congregation, or the Bible stories I’ve studied.

SUN: What has your writing journey been like thus far?

RUTLEDGE: The journey to producing my first novel, “Souls Harbor,” has been an interesting one. I’ve been attentive with an open mind and ears, and I’ve appreciated every person the Lord has sent my way. God is in complete control of my life, so I know He has sent me on this journey and down these paths. Every road I’ve trotted is a learning experience I can use, not only to help myself, but others. In following God’s lead, I’ve learned quite a bit about writing, other authors, publishing houses, and self-publishing.

SUN: What books have you written to date?

RUTLEDGE: I have a poetry book, “A Powerful Woman,” that’s available on Amazon. This is a collection of inspirational poems. This book is named from the poem, “A Powerful Woman,” that’s listed in the book. “Souls Harbor” is my first novel. I’m not releasing another novel until I’ve successfully produced “Souls Harbor.” But I do have another completed novel, “Too Much Like Right,” which I plan to produce later this year, once “Souls Harbor” is released. I also have another novel, “Just Love Me,” that I’m working on and hope to produce next year. I’m also in the works of producing “Souls Harbor” as a play for 2012.

SUN: Tell us more about why you wrote your current fiction title, Souls Harbor.

RUTLEDGE: My first Christian Fiction read was “Church Folk,” by Michele Andrea Bowen. I enjoyed the book and was inspired to write a novel under that Genre. Nowadays, I think that the Genre, Christian Fiction, is stretched too loosely. Being a Christian means more than being a “Church person.”

SUN: What do you hope to accomplish with your books?

RUTLEDGE: Through my novels, I hope that God will use me to bring others into doing His Will. This is the purpose for my writing.

SUN: How can readers get in contact with you?

RUTLEDGE: I can be reached through the following:

About Souls Harbor

AWOW Publications:
Click here for full synopsis

Four years after a devastating Saturday evening car wreck shattered his dream of playing in the NBA, Jamal Greene is married to the beautiful and deceitful Jada Greene; he is oblivious to some events leading to the wreck and the entire weekend.

Living in their hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, Jada is a devoted choir member at Mt. Zion Church and works in Real Estate Sales. Jamal spends time in physical rehabilitation while holding resentment toward God for his present state of being.

The compromising Latoya Hobbs is Jada's best friend and daughter to the pastor of Mt. Zion Church. Latoya quickly becomes weary of Jada's adulterous liaisons with a mysterious, rich, and older man. In reminiscing about her own failed relationships and a secret sexual seduction that haunts her spirit, Latoya prays for a man to truly love her.

Rain Jefferies, the divorced and born-again Christian, is Jamal's new Physical Therapist who offers him a renewed hope through her pastor's Biblical Study Guide. The answer to a secret she holds can complete her but destroy a marriage and the Hobbs' family ministry.

Pastor Silas Hobbs Sr, holding past secrets that a deacon is desperately seeking to uncover, finds himself trying to hold on to his willed position as pastor of Mt. Zion Church.

As these souls harbor destructive secrets and lies, who will grab hold of the anchor before being completely destroyed?

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For more information about the author and her debut novel, visit the author's website. 


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