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Christmas Release: A Time to Praise

September 27, 2016
FaytheWorks Publishing
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It's been a while since I've published to this blog site, but I plan to be more active in the near future. Raising little ones is pretty time-consuming, especially when living states away from family. But nonetheless, I praise God for the experience and the lives entrusted to my care. 

Over the past year and a half, I've collaborated with several new authors and one familiar literary voice (Sonya Visor) to help develop stories dedicated to the Christmas season centered on the goodness of the Lord. My vision for this project was to present clean Christian fiction for an audience that wants just that. Nowadays, it's sometimes hard to tell if a "Christian" novel is truly a Christian story. Yes, Christians make mistakes and fall short, all humans do, but the difference is that we don't wallow in our sins and justify our behaviors … at least not the true Christians. 

I've learned that many Christians want to read stories that are real, but not dirty; edgy at times, but not nasty. There's a way to tell a great story with realistic problems and issues without profanity and explicit sex scenes. God designed sex. It's not a dirty act, but when exploited it may be viewed as such. The focus should be on exposing sin, not glorifying it. There's a difference. But I don't want to get too deep about that here. (See my non-fiction book, Soul Ties, for more detail on that topic.)

Here, I share my latest holiday release, A Time to Praise, co-authored by Sonya Visor, Camille Gipson, Lisa Antley, and Renarda Williams. In this anthology, there are five unique short stories that celebrate the love, joy, and peace of Christmas. 

Below is a little bit about each story:

Miracle From on High by Renée Allen McCoy
Four lives intersect at a crossroad, prompting each to seek God’s direction. Benjamin and Susan grapple to accept their path while Trevor and Danielle struggle to cope with theirs.

Giving You the Best of My Love by Sonya Visor
Three years ago, Chase Anderson was hauled off to jail, leaving his wife, Nicole, drowning in a lake of trouble. Despite the strong love they once shared, will they be able to overcome life changing obstacles?

His Calling and My Desire by Camille Gipson
How does a single mother fight to protect her country and her children at the same time? Ruth is torn as she leaves one battle only to face another.

Blessings in the Storm by Lisa Antley
Tonya Phillips has almost everything she could ever imagine … except a good man. In a dark moment of her life, she soon discovers “He” has always been there.

The Greatest Christmas Present Ever by Renarda Williams
As Ikedi Ataya, a black State Justice, is honored for his career, he reflects on his “Christmas gift” to a close-knit New Orleans community threatened by greedy developers. 

                                                # # #

The stories will make you laugh, cry, and identify with some of the characters. Most importantly, you'll be pleasantly reminded that not only during the holidays, but it's always a time to praise God! 

Until Next Time, 

Happy Holidays and as always, Happy Reading...


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